Splurge Meal: Beef Bolognese

BeeStew: Beef Bolognese
So with a new year comes those pesky resolutions.  For those of us who like to indulge in one of those crispy planks lacquered in mayo called french fries or for those who like to escape to a saucy haven called chicken Alfredo land on more than one occasion; losing weight is on your resolution list.  In the blogosphere it's a 365 challenge (i.e. take a photo a day or blog a day).  Well we all know how organized I am so a 365 challenge is out but I guess I could eat one less french fry this year.

BeeStew: Beef Bolognese
Nonetheless, I have committed to bringing you at least one yummy indulgent food per week that I call a "splurge meal." A "splurge meal" is that one meal you have a week or so that isn't on your diet plan.  Since I am actually taking losing weight seriously this year (6 pounds lighter in the new year already), a splurge meal is a must.  And if I'm deviating from the plan it better be one heck of a meal.

First up is my Beef Bolognese. The red wine I add makes this a rich and earthy experience.  In other words, "SO FREAKING AMAZING."  While I did finally test out my new pasta maker and make homemade pasta, you certainly don't have to.  I will add that kneading pasta dough is a workout in itself soooo, it's pretty much two birds one stone.  A workout and an awesome splurge meal.

Ingredients and directions

1 lb lean ground beef, 1 carrot, 1 celery stalk, 1 onion, 3 garlic cloves, 2-3 bacon strips, ½-1 cup red wine, 1 cup beef broth, 2 tbs tomato paste, 1 sprig rosemary, 2 bay leaves, tagliatelle pasta, salt and pepper to taste

1.  Cut bacon into small pieces and brown in a medium, high heated pan.  2.  In the meantime, chop the carrot, celery, garlic, and onion.  I used a food processor for this project.  3.  Once the bacon is close to fully browned, add your veggies. Cook veggies for about 5 minutes or until nice and soft.  4.  Next, add the ground beef.  5. Once the beef is browned, add red wine until the beef is fully saturated.  This will be at least ½ to 1 cup of wine.  Let this mixture reduce for about 5 minutes or so. 6.  Once the liquid has reduced, add tomato paste, broth, and herbs.  Cook this mixture at a simmer for about 45 to an hour.  The longer this cooks the richer the bolognese will be.  7.  Lastly, boil your pasta to al dente. I especially love tagliatelle with this sauce since it can stand up to the heavy richness of the beef.