Copy Cat: Hard Times Texas Chili

Texas Chili
When you think of summer I'm sure your head is full of outdoor concerts, sprinklers, ice cream and lemonade. What's in mine you ask? Chili.  I never said I made any sense.  I'm the kind of person that likes iced coffee in the winter and a steaming hot bowl of chili in the summer.

But aside from my quirks, I've set out to really improve my chili. In the past, Beth’s chili has consisted of grey meat, watered down tomato based sauce and one-dimensional chili powdered flavor.  (side note:  From time to time you’ll see me refer to myself in the third person, usually when I’ve done something bad. )

So where do I go for some good chili inspiration?  Why, a hockey game of course.  Well, not quite.  One day I went with a friend to a Caps viewing at a local restaurant/bar, Hard Times CafĂ©, known for Texas-like chili.  I say “Texas-like” because I’m sure a true Texan would not trust NoVa (northern Virginia) chili as real Texas chili. 

Hard Times Texas Chili

Anywho, I quickly ordered the tater tot chili.  Delish.  But of course I decided I could make this at home, cheaper and better. So being the chili inept girl that I am, I went to the Internet to tell me what I should make.  I came across this 3-dump chili from  It looked fairly simple and the picture of this dark, rich chili drew me in.  Visit the link for the recipe.

As you can tell I opted to use ground chili instead of steak.  I'm just more use to the ground stuff.  Also, I went with just two dumps instead of three.  As I was tasting the chili throughout the process, I felt the third dump would make it entirely too intense.  But look at those two pictures up there.  They could be twins! I'm a little too jazzed about this chili.